2014 Feedback from fans...

To the canal bank shuffle and all of its organizers and helpers...way to go on an amazing job. Another successful year, well done. To the musicians, a million thank you are never enough. Days later and my applause still continues! Hands down, the best music festival around!
ChefLzo Lucchetta

Good People, Good Time, Good Tunes, that's what you get with the C.B.S. Blues.
Ron Drotar

2013 Feedback - From fans.....


You did it again!  Many, many thanks for the months and months of hard work
that all of you of the executive and volunteers put in to pull this great festival
off. ( I am sure that through it all you met with frustrations from time to time.)
What a fabulous roster of performers, who once again gave it their all.
My friends and I were there for the entire event all three days, and we thoroughly
enjoyed each and every band.  To see and hear Jack de Keyser and Joe Louis Walker jammin'
and duelling was absolutely the icing on the cake!
Shirley B.

 We thoroughly enjoyed the show this year.  First time and we will definitely be back
next year.  Great talent in the line up.  The Jack and Joe duel was excellent and
first class.
The BEST!!!!
Well done and pat yourself on the back .
John and Cheryl

Lynda McRae wrote: "Thank-you for another great blues experience.  It was fabulous, and it
just gets better every year! I was at Club Capri Friday and Holy Rosary Hall on
Saturday, and was just wowed by the performances of Carlos Del Junco and Joe Louis
Walker with Jack DeKeyser. Will definitely be returning next year!"

Tammy Viele wrote: "We at Donnellys pub had a great weekend can't wait for next year..
don't forget folks to get out and support live music all year long."

Dan Moyer
Was only able to attend after 11:30 on Friday, and then from 2:00p.m. on Saturday. GREAT EVENT!!! Wonderful acts. Good venues, though the sound could be improved in some of the bars. All in all, the best 20 bucks you'll ever spend!!

Mike Gauthier
Best one yet!!! Superb weekend of Blues!!!

Ginny Remigio-Robins

David Armstrong
Blues hall of famer - JLW,  one of the best guitarists on the planet - Duarte, plus Jack, David, Tommy Z, and the list goes on and on. Well done. incredible talent in small intimate venues - How can it get any better than this?!?

Betty M. Jackson
"This little festival was the best I've been to all year -- had the best time in Thorold -- thank you so much! "

John, Family & Friends.

There's something magical about the Canal Bank Shuffle. The friendly & welcoming people of Thorold, the home grown artists and the giving back to community causes. We'll continue to return.and hopefully so see our fav, L'il Ed! Kudos to the organizers!

Mariusz Kowalski
I would like to express my words of appreciation to be able to see the whole bunch of quality blues artists during your event.
My long trip from London Ont. was really worthwhile (and I will do it again next year).
Main reason -  Chris Duarte and Joe Louis Walker.

As the organizers you have done Great job and please receive  my sincere congratulations. Your small Community should be proud of you..Keep it up.

Rosina Bisci
My husband and I were at Holy Rosary Hall on Thursday night of the Shuffle. The show was outstanding....especially the first performance.Great job organizers!

....  From Artists
On behalf of myself and the band we want to thank you so MUCH for allowing us to be a part of this great festival. Tim, Terry, Bob and the rest of the staff were all great and made us feel welcome and at home. We love Canada!!!!!!!!!
Dan Treanor, Afrosippi Band

Suzie Vinnick
Holy moly - that was a fun-filled crazy bunch of days! Performed at the Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival Thursday night with Roly Platt, Victor Bateman and Bucky Berger - so much fun! Huge thanks to my band, to the wonderful festival organizers for giving me a gig in my new home turf and to the audience for all their enthusiasm

Chris Duarte
 You all ruled!!!! Had a great time! Hope we can do it again!

Chris Antonik
We had a great time! Great venue, and great staff.....I enjoyed performing. Lots of fun! We would love to get back next year if you want us

Erica Brown
To all our Shuffle peeps!! We had a Blast with you all and we thank you so much!! Thorold gots da' BLUES!!

Tommy Z. Friendpage
Thanks to the Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival for having us last night. We had a great time and you were a fantastic audience. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you, and we hope to be back next year.

Shakura S'Aida
had an absolutely amazing time in Thorold, Ontario yesterday, performing at the Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival...from the moment we arrived Tim Sinnett, all of the Canal Bank Blues Society gang and the audience members made us feel welcome and appreciated. It was great seeing Erica Brown, Dan Treanor and Joe Murphy - I know you will all enjoy seeing them at the festival tonight!
Once again, thank you all so much for treating us so well and a special thanks to our sound/light/backline guy, Frank for all of his work!

You guys are the greatest... Pros all the way through
Shannon Street, Dive House Union

... And From Venues
Note from the Summit Tavern here





My boyfriend and I are always looking for new Blues adventures. This past summer we found out about the shuffle on line.
Our first stop was at the Rosary for Sonny Moorman, your staff made us feel like VIPs.
That show was great and it just got better from there. The whole weekend was a blast. We have been to many festivals, national and local. And we both agree this was one of the best we have attended.
Your festival was well organized. The variety and level of the talent was excellent and the venues were great.
We especially liked the intimacy and acoustics of the various venues, and it was neat to see many of the artists mingling in
the crowd after there sets. We definitely would come back. Thanks for keepin' the blues alive!
Kathy & Mike from Syracuse


Thanks. Great times! I live for the Shuffle. Every year since 2004!
Brian Lymburner, Port Colborne

Such Great times and entertainment!!!
You guys are Awesome!!
Cathy C.

st October my wife and I paid $20 each to see Lil Ed in Buffalo and $50 each to see Karen Lovely in Gravenhurst. $140 for 2 nights. Then I hear that the same weekend you had them and 20 other bands for $15 - un-freakin' believable! Next year we'll be at the Canal Bank Shuffle. Please add us to the email list.
Frank and Sandra
Amherst NY

Good evening Shuffle crew,
Thanks for the wonderful show again!!
We showed up all three nights and had a great time every night.
Heather Jackson

Hey Canal Bank Shuffle committee, Thanks for a great time! We spent 2 bluesifyin’ nights at the holy rosary hall!
A great new band in WSNB. I haven’t heard much of them but have listened to there CD a half a dozen times since!!!!
Don’t you think they are the harp blowin version of Poppa Chobby? Willie the harp man took it as a compliment
The Sat line up was great. Fathead, Sonny Moorland (another newbie for us and was very cool),
Jack D was the best I ever seen him over the last 10 years,
Lil ED - great as always and JLW - who brought us to Thorold were fantastic.
From a blues fan prospective who’s been to many festival’s you’ve got one of the best. We’ll be back next year!!!
Thanks again! Cheers Rob & Dee

Hi Guys/Gals
Just wanted to pass along a heartfelt thanks for this years Canal Bank Shuffle, my
highlight will have to be
Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials,  and the Gooboo/Rotundo was a great way to end a long
work week. I have uploaded a couple of clips on You Tube (search Canal Bank Shuffle)
Goodboo/Rotundo shot in B&W sorry the lighting was not the best, and another of Lil
Ed a little rough, much better lighting and sound RTFM (read the *!cking manual)
(sorry got a new camera and I'm still figuring it out) I just wanted to pass this
along and I can't what for next years shows
Continued Sucess!
Mike Calhoun

Raymond & Debbie, Thorold Ontario

To the 2011 Canal bank Shuffle organizers and volunteers
from an avid local blues fan, and I am sure I speak for my blues buddies too
- you did an amazing job on this year's event, once again.
from the top notch line-up to the schedule to the variety of blues we heard,
it was a fantastic experience. I attended the entire event and loved it.
Thanks again for a great job!
talk to you soon
Lisa Roy

WSNB - You guys rocked Thorold...we were so happy to see you back!!!  
Friday was  awesome and Saturday at the Moose & Goose was  frigstatic!!!  
Chantal & Pat, Ottawa Ontario